In October 2020, Genea focused on maintaining workplace health with touchless visitor management. The topic was covered in their webinar Keeping Workplaces Healthy & Safe with Touchless Visitor Management.

Touchless access control and visitor management practices are critical to ensuring a safe and healthy environment. As tenants return to the office post-COVID, it is Genea’s mission to help you prepare.

Genea Visitor Management has streamlined and simplified the administration process for tenants and guests visiting buildings providing a frictionless user experience. It also integrates seamlessly into our access control product for an all-in-one cloud-based solution with 24/7/365 direct support.

Genea VP of Sales Rob Vail moderated the discussion between Mike Maxsenti, Genea Head of Access Control, and Product Manager Matija Abicic. To begin, Maxsenti and Abicic demonstrated platform functionality. The demo included how to customize features to suit the unique needs of building managers and tenants. Also, the Genea team shared upgrades and integrations currently slated for development. You can watch the full webinar below.

Additionally, a few highlights include:

For further information on creating workplace health with touchless visitor management, schedule a demo with Genea.

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