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We aren’t going into our offices much these days, let alone visiting colleagues, clients, and prospects at theirs. However, the in-person business meeting is a time-tested way to build relationships and generate new ideas. It’s a safe bet that when we do come back, so will these meetings. It only makes sense to have the tools in place to make the process of visiting the office as frictionless as possible.

Genea’s upgraded Visitor Management platform does just that. It is now easier than ever to invite and track visitors straight from a mobile device. The full set of features enables customizable and fully secure guest management. It’s the best way to decentralize and automate the administrative part of the business meeting so that the real work can get done.

Here are several ways this happens:

Instant Invitation: Employees can now set up a visitor in seconds, with Genea’s mobile app. All it takes is a quick tap and some basic information, like the visitor’s name, email address or phone number, and date of visit. Once this is complete, the invited guest immediately gets an email or text message with QR code access to the building. Everything is scheduled – so easy.

Mobile Management: Many visitors come to the same office more than once, even frequently. Often meetings are canceled or rescheduled. Tenants can handle these situations effortlessly, directly inside Genea’s mobile app.

First, users see a list of all upcoming invited guests and their status as soon as they tap on “visitors” in the app. Options for cancelling or rescheduling the meeting are both available with a tap or two, and guests are notified automatically. Users can also send a reminder manually.

Furthermore, every new visitor is automatically stored in the user’s searchable in-app address book. This makes setting up future or repeat visitors almost as fast as sending a friend a text message. All it takes is tapping on the person’s name.

As a bonus, visitors are able to update their own profile information (by adding a photo, for example, or by correcting the spelling of their name or company). This ensures their information is accurate for any future visits.


Platform Power: For even more flexibility, Genea’s web portal supports additional features for power users. For example, guests can be presented with a waiver to acknowledge or a customized questionnaire to answer. This is particularly relevant in a time when people with symptoms such as coughing or fever should avoid visiting buildings.

Guests can also be assigned to groups that grant conditional access en masse to certain areas at specified times. Administrative users can also add names to the “Watchlist,” restricting their access to the building. A series of built-in administrative controls ensures that only authorized employees can change these visit requirements.

Robust Reporting: Genea provides automated logging and a full audit trail for every visit and a history for every guest, including up-to-the-minute information on registration and check-in status. This not only provides information at a glance; it also simplifies actions like setting up a new visit or adding a guest to a group. All relevant information – such as uploaded photo, signed forms and questionnaire response – is accessible directly from the visitor logs.

It may be that restrictions on travel and tighter building occupancy guidelines make in-person business meetings comparatively less frequent, at least in the near future. But if so, it only means the meetings that do occur will be all the more valuable for it. Genea’s integrated, full-service visitor management platform takes the friction out of authorizing and notifying guests so that the only thing tenants need to focus on is their own work.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Genea can provide you with a open access control system, with touchless visitor management, schedule a demo below.

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