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It used to be such a hassle to get into places. Whether it was a concert, a game, or an airport there was the same basic process: Stand in a long line and wait for someone to take your ticket, sometimes tearing it in half and handing you the stub.

But all that changed when tickets went digital. Now we each get to hear the ding! of the screen as we flash our mobile phone screen. (And let’s be honest – who isn’t looking forward to hearing that sound again, whenever it happens?) It’s a much better process. Even some hotels have jumped on board, with mobile “keys” that let you bypass the front desk and head straight for your room.

Why, then, is visiting a commercial building often still such a stone-aged process? The logjam at the security desk and posing for grainy ID photos that is printed in black-and-white and almost out of toner. The calls upstairs because your name isn’t spelled right in “the system.” All of which combine to make your hour-long meeting more like two.

For visitors with Genea Touchless Building Visitor management, all those annoyances are in the past. We’ve modernized the office building visit, making it more like getting on a plane or going to the game. While we can’t promise you’ll get a bag of peanuts or a beverage, we can tell you a few things you’ll like:

  1. Built-in verification: Once you get an email invitation to visit someone with Genea Building Visitor Management, you know one thing for sure: You’ll see on the screen who has invited you and the date and time of your meeting. You’ll also be able to confirm – and, if necessary, update basic information like your name and company. And your acknowledgement means that your hosts have no doubt that you’re coming.
  2. Taking care of the paperwork in advance: Especially in the post-COVID world, more and more buildings are requiring additional documentation from visitors. Sometimes it’s a photo or copy of your driver’s license. Sometimes it’s signing a waiver. Some buildings even require a statement that you aren’t ill or displaying symptoms. With Genea’s building visitor management, you can do all this in advance. Snap a selfie or a picture or your ID with your phone’s camera, or tap through a quick questionnaire, and you’ll be all set before you set foot in the building.
  3. Paperless, touchless and frictionless: As the worlds of sports and travel have proven, there is just no need anymore to print out your permission to enter on paper. Genea’s process is a digital one from one end to the other, starting with the invitation and continuing to your visitor badge. Tap to confirm your visit. Tap again to add the appointment to your calendar. Tap once more to pull up a personalized QR code. That’s it.
  4. Skip the security desk: Because the Genea visitor process is fully mobile, and because you have the chance to confirm and submit required information in advance, you probably won’t even need to stop at the desk in the lobby. When it’s time for your meeting, simply hold your QR code up to the optical scanners in the lobby and walk right in.
  5. No app required: Why should you have to download an app to visit a building? (Hint: You shouldn’t.) Not only is Genea’s process fully digital, but it also integrates with the way you actually use your mobile phone. You can access your QR code on mobile web or add it to your Apple or Google Wallet. Since all your information is already stored, you’ll only ever need one. Meeting time changes? No problem, same badge. Coming back in a few days or a few weeks? Same badge (don’t worry though, we’ll send you another link to it.)

Genea takes the experience of visiting a commercial building and brings it into the smartphone era. It’s the kind of smooth, secure, seamless process we expect in our personal lives. As an added bonus, it’s contactless, reducing the chance of spreading contagious diseases. It’ll be hard not to notice the difference, and that’s a good thing.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Genea can provide you with a open access control system, with touchless visitor management, schedule a demo below.

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