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One of the biggest trends in the last decade of software has been the rise of cloud computing. Why has the whole world seemingly forsaken managing software on their own internal servers? For millennial’s, this isn’t even a question however, there was a time where all software was run on-premise. Let’s explore the cloud revolution and why access control should catch up.

The simplest answer as to why this revolution took place in the world of software comes from Ricardo’s theory of comparative advantage. For the economics enthusiasts out there, the mere mention of Ricardo will instantly illuminate my point. For those who missed that chapter in their text books, we’ll explain.

Ricardo’s theory of comparative advantage is quite simple – it advises that if two parties trade goods and services it is more profitable for them to specialize in one good or service rather than try to produce everything for themselves internally. This theory permeates the modern economic world. It’s why America produces the world’s corn, while we buy our computer chips from China. Specialization creates economies of scale that reduce costs on both sides of the equation. Wait, what does corn and trade have to do with servers and doors?

Let’s put it this way; a law firm specializes in legal matters, contract negotiations, litigation and whatever else lawyers do. Should lawyers hire IT people to run the servers and build email software? NO! They should outsource that to a firm that specializes in it, like Google. Lawyers do law, Google does email and servers. It’s that simple.

Once companies figured out that they could save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by purchasing software as a service (SaaS) rather than running it themselves internally, the cloud revolution took off. Thanks, Mr. Ricardo.

Now, let’s turn to access control. Access control hasn’t exactly been the most modern of industries. It’s now 2020 – a decade after the cloud revolution kicked off and we estimate more than 90% of access control solutions are still run by servers in basements. How did our industry get so left behind? I don’t have a good answer, but we do have a good solution.

Cloud-based access control systems not only save customers thousands of dollars in upfront costs like servers, software programming and deployment, they also save customers thousands over the lifetime of the system. Being a cloud-based access control system allows Genea to resolve issues remotely with 24/7 direct support, constantly update your system to keep it up to date with the latest security and features and we train your team remotely when new employees are hired. Beyond that, we can integrate your system to HR systems and automate the management of access control completely! Now, do you see why access control needs to migrate to the cloud?

Google David Ricardo and specialize in what you do best, we’ll take care of the rest (for access control that is).

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