Office Automation Elevates the Employee Experience

In the modern workplace, employees expect an automated office experience. But this demand means more motion lights and automatic soap dispensers. The importance of cloud-based, access control in office automation cannot be understated. In fact, the demand is so great many companies are seeking office space that meets these demands or retrofitting their current space to do so.

With companies clamoring to attract and retain top talent in the market, they must make sure that they can meet their demands. What have employees come to expect you ask? A smart office that provides them with the flexibility and functionality they need to do their job efficiently and comfortably. From conferencing, networking, security and application access, everything should be a breeze to setup and use. With a cloud-based access control system that uses mobile access, you can check one more box on the automated office list!

How Cloud-Based Access Control Creates an Automated Office

A cloud-based access control system provides employees with the flexibility and accessibility they need. It frees them from the constraints of a traditional systems. For example, administrators can automatically provision credentials to a mobile device. This eliminates the need for your employees to carry (and remember) separate key cards or fobs. Admins maintain peace of mind during a termination of a user. Deprovisioning access across multiple locations, when an employee leaves, happens automatically. Even better, admins can avoid paying for replacement key cards. 

Enhances Security and Compliance

As we become more interconnected, the need for security is only going to increase. An access control system helps you remain compliant and ensures the safety of your building. Cloud-based access control systems enhance security by providing insight into the use of office space.

Access control also allows admins to manage who has access to spaces in the office. Manage spaces based on roles within the company or seniority level. With Genea, create designated access groups to get more granular on the levels of access needed to different doors. Any additional security benefit is being able to quickly pull access logs that are often needed during compliance audits. Information such as time, space, date, and incidents are all stored in one system and can be quickly downloaded.

Streamlines Workflows and Integrations

With the rapid advancement of technology, companies need an access control system that keeps up with the change. That means a solution that can provide a single view of all access activity, while also providing them with the ability to scale as they grow their business and operations to new locations.

With a cloud-based access control system like Genea, you can streamline access control workflows and processes by integrating with identity management systems like Okta and Active Directory. This allows you to provision and deprovision access from one system as opposed to logging into several.

Reduces Cost and Increased Productivity

Not only does having a cloud-based access control system make it easier for people to move in and out of your office spaces, but it also saves time and money. As with other business systems, the software-as-a-service approach can help reduce overhead and the ongoing operations costs of on-premises access control systems. It also ensures that all of your systems are all current on software updates, without the need for manual intervention.  

Cloud-based access control systems can also help you save by:

  1. Increasing productivity through the centralization and automating of workflows from one central hub
  2. Reducing the maintenance cost of managing a legacy system
  3. Decreasing the printing costs of key cards and fobs when using mobile device credentials
Added Control and Insight

If you’re a company with multiple locations, or a startup with aspirational growth plans, having an access control system that allows you to scale your access control, security, and compliance is extremely important. A cloud-based access control system helps you manage all your office locations remotely and ensure continuity in the employee experience across office buildings. This not only gives companies more control on who has access to their space, it also provides more information on how to better design their workspaces to fit the needs of their organization and employees.

Implementing a cloud-based access control system to your office automation plans just makes sense. Every day, more and more processes are moving into a cloud and it should start with access.

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