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Understanding Physical Access Control as a Service

To learn where technology is headed, one only needs to take a quick glance at Microsoft’s finances. The past few years have seen the company shift its attention from Windows and other historically core products to selling cloud services, which now account for the bulk of its revenue. It’s part of a broader transition towards software-as-a-service that is affecting every niche from document editing tools to office automation, with physical access control being no exception.

The specifics vary, but the reason why organizations are adopting the cloud so enthusiastically can be boiled down to one key consideration: management overhead. Deploying software in-house requires a great deal of supporting infrastructure that is often a major drain on resources. Data compiled by Genea indicates that the cost of on-premises access control software accounts for as little as nine percent of the total price tag when factoring in hardware purchases, maintenance and the other expenses that an in-house deployment incurs.

The software-as-a-service approach, in contrast, provides a much more reasonable cost distribution. We typically see the subscription fees accounting for about 68 percent of the total bill while the rest is made up mostly of one-time items such as installation, training and feature customization. Meanwhile, the ongoing costs that make on-premises access control systems so expensive are simply taken off the property operator’s shoulders.

As a result, companies can not only stop worrying about operational expenses but also the day-to-day maintenance work itself. The biggest item that comes off the agenda is the infrastructure on which the access control system installed.

Since everything is delivered via the web, property managers don’t need a techie to run their deployment and patch things up when a problem inevitably occurs. Moreover, the access control software itself is updated automatically when a new feature is available, which is hardly a given with enterprise software. Some on-premise applications can go years without a refresh simply because manually applying changes is either too risky or too much work.

These are the same considerations that are driving the rapid adoption of software-as-a-service products in other parts of the business world. The cloud represents a natural evolution of how people consume technology that has already become the standard in many areas. For property managers, the objective is to find a provider that can help them get on the bandwagon and ensure their requirements are fully met in this new cloud-powered world.

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