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One buzzword that appears all over blogs and webinars is “touchless access control.” However, what does that really mean?

While the world is dealing with the fallout of Covid-19, many people are seizing this opportunity to make necessary changes to the way they run their businesses. Office buildings are no different! This is a rare opportunity to implement long overdue changes to a building’s access control and visitor management systems because daily occupancy is at all-time lows.

Touchless access control is a catch-all phrase for a system of technology and process changes that allow both tenant and guests to enter a building securely without physically touching anything. In this post we are going to cover the five elements of a touchless access building.

  1. A cloud-based security management system is the foundation for all touchless systems. If you are forced to be on-site, the technological and procedural changes your building needs will be 100x more time consuming to implement and manage.
  2. Embrace mobile access credentials for both tenants and guests. Tenants can use their phone as a key card, while guests can use QR codes and hyperlinks for check-in and access through turnstiles, elevators and other secure entrances.
  3. Visitor preregistration will allow you to screen guests before they show up to the building, which means no more crowding in the lobby, no more touching of kiosks for checking in and no more close interaction with building staff.
  4. For buildings with destination dispatch, you need to start using home-floor assignments for guests to enable touchless elevator access! We speak with buildings all the time who wonder how guests can select a floor without touching anything, easy! Automatically drop them off on the floor they’re supposed to go to. Most destination dispatch systems already support this functionality…use it!
  5. Educating tenants is critical. This is often overlooked, but you can implement all the modern tech, and the fancy policies but if no one uses them then they are a waste of time and money, while being a health risk. Get your tenant admins to help you educate their employees about why these policies and technologies are for their benefit and you’ll get great adoption.

We hope this helps as you wonder “what are the core elements of touchless access control for buildings?”. As always, our team is here to assist you in getting your building upgraded and ready for a post-Covid world. Be well!

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