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Why have two separate systems for visitor management and access control?

There comes a time in any company’s life cycle where IT has to stop and reevaluate all the tools they’re managing. As SaaS takes over every aspect of company operations, the need to cleanse has become more frequent.

For example, one way to accomplish this is by consolidating different products with the same vendor, which can give you a number of benefits like bigger discounts, less systems to manage, and fewer renewal meetings. Trust us, the thought of fewer renewal meetings is as pleasant as meditating on a Saturday at the Presidio.

Simplifying the Process

At Genea, we’re on a mission to make managing physical security for the modern enterprise as easy as possible. With this in mind, we launched a beautiful, seamless access control system. Genea Security allows customers to automate access provisioning through identity management integrations. Subsequently, our next major step was creating an integrated visitor management system.

We have a ton of respect for visitor management systems that have revolutionized this space for companies, but we believe that visitor management should be a natural component of your overall access management system. That’s exactly what we’ve built.

Our native visitor management app allows you to have one central platform for tracking and managing physical access to all your offices. Whether it’s a guest or an employee, we believe that all access to your office or facility is better managed on an integrated platform, not to mention how much easier it is to have everything in one place.

Here’s how Genea’s Visitor Management software works:

  1. Firstly, grab an iPad and download the Genea Visitor Management App.
  2. Pair the iPad with your access control system.
  3. Set up your sign-in flow.
  4. Finally, sit back and enjoy the peace of mind of having one less system and vendor to manage.

Key Benefits: 

  • Now you have both your access and visitor logs all in one easily accessible cloud environment.
  • One central user database from your source-of-truth identity management system.
  • Save money! Our solution is significantly less expensive than leading systems.

If you’d like to learn more about how Genea can help your company combine visitor management software and access control, please schedule a demo below.

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