Unifying Cloud-based Security & Video Management in a Single Pane of Glass

Milestone joins Genea to discuss how businesses are revolutionizing their security infrastructure through a cloud-based, seamless single pane of glass. Gain expert insight into how the two security providers are creating unprecedented control and visibility in security management. In this webinar, you will learn about the benefits of cloud security built on non-proprietary hardware, open APIs, and robust access control management features.

Witness firsthand how industry leaders Genea and Milestone leverage the cloud to craft a unified, single pane of glass experience, streamlining security management. Watch the on-demand webinar now to embark on a journey toward a more secure and efficient future.

Access Control Security Meets Video Management: Rhombus + Genea

In a rapidly transforming world, keeping your security up to date is vital. API integrations unify otherwise disparate systems, giving you robust yet flexible solutions. The Genea-Rhombus Systems integration affords IT and security teams the ability to connect their door access control security and video management systems without leaving the access control portal.  

Decoding Access Control: Understanding the Complex Lingo

This month, Genea will clarify and define the common jargon used within the access control industry. Whether you’re new to access control or need a quick refresher, Genea’s got you covered. Learn the language of this rapidly expanding industry to better communicate with your team or customers.

Genea Security Software Product Demo

Genea VP of Sales Robert Vail walks users through the Genea Security and Visitor Management platforms. See how this cloud-based, non-proprietary access control solution can help your IT and security teams.