How do you choose between Genea vs. Openpath for enterprise access control? As someone responsible for thousands of employees, an access control system platform decision is one of the most important you will make. If you have experience with access control systems and integrators, you generally know what you’re looking for. However, the rise of modern, cloud-based systems opens up a new world of possibilities. So, how do you decipher the best platform between Genea vs. Openpath?

Here are the key criteria for choosing between Openpath and Genea at the enterprise level

  1. Optionality – If you’re managing dozens of offices across the globe, you need to maintain the ability to upgrade systems and switch service providers without being forced to rip and replace hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment. Genea operates on open-protocol Mercury and HID hardware. Openpath uses 100% proprietary controllers and readers. A Mercury-based system ensures your company will always have dozens of service providers that can operate on the hardware you have invested in, rather than being locked into a single vendor with massive costs to rip and replace your hardware.
  2. Interoperability – With operating systems at the enterprise level, you need your disparate systems to operate in a cohesive manner. With Genea and Openpath, you’ll get a similar suite of identity management integrations to systems like Azure AD and Okta. However, the biggest difference between Genea vs. Openpath when it comes to interoperability is that with Genea, you receive all integrations at no additional cost. Plus, you get our technical support team to help your IT team set up the automation of user provisioning and integration of your video management system exactly to your specifications. With Openpath, you’re on your own or stuck working with a hardware integrator that is not familiar with API integrations.
  3. One global service provider In enterprise security operations, you’re managing offices across the US and around the world. With Genea, you have an integrated software platform that unifies all of your locations. However, you get much more than a single pane of glass. With Genea Access Control, you get a 24/7 direct support team that is currently supporting locations in fifteen different countries on four continents. With Openpath you’ll be working with a patchwork of systems integrators and no direct support team. Thus, if you have any issues at 2am in Singapore, you’ll be fending for yourself.
  4. Security – If you have traditional on-premise access control systems and legacy RFID credentials, both Genea and Openpath are a massive upgrade. Both systems offer mobile-based credentials that can’t be duplicated with RFID reader/writers, and also enable multi-factor authentication for credential usage, which no card can offer. Another key benefit of these two systems is that they support all types of smart credential technologies like MiFare Desfire EV2 + HID SEOS. With both systems, you can ensure that your migration to the cloud will be seamless and secure.

If your company is evaluating a migration to the cloud to reduce security risks, management costs and integrate disparate systems, give Genea Access Control a call. See why global enterprise customers are turning to Genea to secure their corporate security operations.

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