Visitor management software in the post-COVID era allows both operators and occupiers to have a strong understanding of the flow of people in and out of spaces in commercial buildings. Whether that means screening for those who many be contagious or simply managing an appropriate level of physical occupancy, the interests of building managers and their tenants are tightly aligned.

The introduction of touchless visitor management into Genea’s Access Control platform is good news for buildings seeking a low-friction, touchless solution for authorizing short-term entry. Building teams can now offer their tenants a single, integrated access control as a service system that handles end-to-end access control needs.

Tenants in buildings with Genea Security and Touchless Visitor Management can now:

Fully digitalize access to their suite: Gone are the days when tenant employees need two different physical key cards – one for the building, the other for the suite- to get into the office. With Genea, they can use the same optically scanned image for both. Each person’s image is stored on a mobile device, providing a unique and touchless digital key from lobby to desk. With no physical card to manufacture or program, activation is instantaneous.

Synchronize authorization to automate access: Managing employee turnover is hard enough without the extra step of coordinating building access with the property management office. Genea closes this loophole, allowing tenants to synchronize cloud services such as Microsoft Active Directory and Google Workspace. This means new employees are authorized for entry as soon as they are active in the company directory. Similarly, when employees are terminated, so is their building access, with no extra step required.

Manage employee and visitor access from a single platform: Genea’s platform is built on the idea that building access for tenant employees and short-term guests is fundamentally the same thing – the only real difference is the duration of authorization. Now, not only can administrators set up both through the same simple interface, they can also grant coworkers permission to invite guests themselves. This further simplifies the process for everyone involved, while also preserving the appropriate administrative controls.

Automate documentation and reporting: In an era where contact tracing can be vital, keeping accurate visitor records is crucial. Genea automatically adds newly created visitors to a master contact list. From there, the system logs each visit, providing a full audit trail that included the inviting party and check-in time. At-a-glance views of blacklisted or de-authorized visitors round out a robust set of automated dashboards and reports.

The realities of a post-pandemic world mean that tenants have a greater need to know the comings and goings of people in their space. Genea delivers this to building managers in the form of a modern, full-featured building access control platform. To top it off, Genea also makes it easy for building managers to offer the access control platform to their own customers as a value-added service.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Genea can provide you with an open access control system complete with touchless visitor management, schedule a demo below.

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