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Over the past four years, we have done thousands of retrofits of legacy access control systems. Every week, customers come to us asking to upgrade their outdated, server-based access control systems because the management complexity has become too burdensome for their facilities and IT teams to manage.

However, despite Genea having been built on open-architecture platforms like HID VertX and Mercury, 95% of the time customers must buy entirely new controller systems from us to upgrade their legacy system.

Why you ask? Because the access control industry sold the world on proprietary systems for decades, and now customers are dealing with the consequences. Useless servers, wasted boards, purpose-built enclosures. Tens of thousands of wasted dollars flushed down the drain by software providers apathy and greedy corporate business practices! It’s time for the era of open access control.

Let’s start with the basics; proprietary systems like Openpath, Brivo, AMAG and many others are proprietary because the controllers and readers only work with their software. If your integrator stops servicing that specific system, or the software provider stops releasing new features or maintaining the system you must rip it all out and purchase a whole new system. This is the world of proprietary access control systems.

Genea believes in a different vision for access control. We believe that a customer should be able to switch to a different software system without ripping and replacing all the hardware they have already invested in. We believe the software provider should be incentivized to listen to customers and improve their products constantly, not simply atrophy in a cocoon of customer lock-in.

By integrating Mercury and HID Vertx controllers, Genea customers can easily switch to 18 other access control systems without ripping out their hardware. We know that our customers love Genea’s products and services so much that despite being able to easily switch providers, they will not find a better alternative. We are customer first, always.

So, do not be fooled by proprietary system providers selling you a “future proof” product. You cannot future proof an access control system in which customers have no choice but to use your software and hardware together.

Welcome to an open access control world, we’re here to show you the way.

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