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5 Reasons Why Your Tenants Aren’t Requesting Overtime HVAC

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Building Automation Software: How to Go On-Demand

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Best Practices, Industry Trends, Overtime HVAC

Using Green Leases to Champion Building Sustainability

Michael Wong, CEO
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Michael Wong is a Semifinalist for Entrepreneur of the Year

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Genea CEO Michael Wong on The C-Life Podcast

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5 Reasons Managers Demand Overtime HVAC in Offices

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Genea Security

The Benefits of Mobile Access Control

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Best Practices, Industry Trends, Submeter Billing

The Most Common Fails in Submeter Billing

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Genea Joins Siemens’ Smart Building Technology

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Genea Security

Integrate Visitor Management and Access Control

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Genea Security

What is the Role of Physical Access Control in Compliance?

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Integrating Digital Identity Management and Access Control

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