You know your security better than anyone. So why let a third party dictate it? 

That’s the question we asked ourselves when designing Custom Dashboard, the most versatile drag-and-drop security dashboard in the physical security industry. Custom Dashboard frees you and your team from the rigidity of pre-packaged security software. Instead, you can build, customize and implement a security dashboard with the features most important to you.  Learn why a custom dashboard is crucial to improving your safety and efficiency.  

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What is a Security Dashboard?  

The security dashboard is the control center of a physical access control system. It’s one of the most important parts of your security, bridging hardware and software components into a single platform.  

At its core, a security dashboard provides oversight across your entire facility — from parking gates to sever rooms to offices. However, advancements in technology and the proliferation of cloud-based access control have transformed the security dashboard. With the cloud, IT and security teams can now do more with less, operating at faster speeds, with greater efficiency.  

Security dashboards often include:  

  • Data reporting that details who, when and where access is attempted 
  • Door alarms for real-time alerts when unauthorized access is attempted 
  • Mobile and physical key card provisioning 
  • Video walls 
  • Interactive floor plans provide an overview of your doors and cameras 
  • Detailed emergency response plans 
  • API integrations with security video cameras, chat software, identity management and more 

Today, more features exist than ever before. This is where the problem lies. 

Why Your Security Dashboard Doesn’t Cut It 

Security features are great…in theory. The truth is that even though access control companies tout their arsenals of “game-changing” or “innovative” features, most tend to be excessive. This negatively impacts the user experience. 

With more features, dashboards get cluttered. More clutter leads to more clicking around, which, at best, ends up slowing your processes, and, at worst, jeopardizes your physical security.  

However, you and your team can avoid the hassle of navigating through endless menus and tabs without sacrificing the features you need.  

See how, below. 

custom dashboard

Two Types: What’s the Problem with Static Dashboards?  

Two types of security dashboards exist: static and custom.  

Most access control software is manufactured with a static dashboard, in a prearranged layout. The platform features are arranged inside different menus and located within different tabs. Consequently, you must click more often to access the features you need. More clicks means more time spent navigating, which in turn equals slower security.  

Additionally, whether using cloud-based or on-premises access control, these static dashboards are built in a generic way. Whether you’re running security for a multi-national enterprise or a university campus, your dashboard would look and function the same.  

What’s a Custom Dashboard for Security?  

Genea realized that a ridged, one-size-fits-all solution, like a static dashboard, just doesn’t work. Since every organization faces unique security challenges, every organization must be able to prioritize the features they see.  

In this vein, we created the industry’s first, cloud-based Custom Dashboard.  

Imagine a single dashboard where you have total control over every aspect of your security system, from surveillance cameras to mobile key card provisioning—all from a single window. With Genea, this vision becomes a reality. Let’s explore how this solution empowers IT and security to design and manage their security infrastructure.  

How Does Custom Dashboard Work? 

Genea believes that you know your security needs better than anyone else. That’s why we put the power in your hands to build a customized dashboard tailored to your specific requirements. No more settling for pre-packaged solutions that don’t quite fit the bill – with Genea, you call the shots.  

Custom Dashboard from Genea Security uses drag-and-drop widgets to build an optimal security dashboard experience. Simply:  

  1. Launch the Genea Security software. 
  1. Open the pop-out menu. 
  1. Choose the widgets of the security features you need. 
  1. Drag the selected features to your dashboard. 
  1. Drop them into place, arranging them exactly as you desire. 

It’s that straightforward. With this intuitive interface, you can create your ideal security management hub in a matter of seconds. 

custom dashboard

Add Efficiency to Your Access Control Workflow 

Drag-and-drop widgets make security management easier. From access logs to interactive floor plans, you can cherry-pick the tools that matter most to you and manage them effortlessly from a single cloud-based window. Some widgets include:  

  • Door Access Logs- See when access was attempted 
  • Door Alarms– Receive alerts immediately 
  • Security Video Feeds– View live surveillance video from your access control platform 
  • Emergency Plans– Execute your emergency plans immediately 
  • Hardware Health– Monitor your most important access control hardware 

Widgets help you organize and prioritize your security in the way you need it most. 

What are the Benefits of Custom Dashboards for Access Control? 

A custom dashboard for your security greatly increases the speed, efficiency and usefulness of your access control system. Below, we’ll explore some of the use cases a custom dashboard improves.  

  •  A Shortcut to Key Card and Mobile Provisioning – Provisioning key cards can be lengthy. However, with a custom dashboard, you will eliminate steps in the process. You can assign and distribute mobile credentials without any interaction. Activate and deactivate digital key cards in your employees’ Apple Wallet or Google Wallet using only an internet-connected device.  
  • Integrated Security Cameras – Eliminate the need to toggle between platforms. Instead, have your most important software tools appear in your custom dashboard using API integrations. Genea Security simplifies the integration and management of your critical systems. Drag and drop live camera feeds to monitor surveillance video across your entire enterprise portfolio from a single pane of glass. 
  • Rapid Emergency Response – In emergency situations, every second counts. With Custom Dashboard, you can stay ahead of access events and create advanced lockdown security plans without wasting precious time toggling between various software interfaces. 

The Industry Leader in Cloud Security 

From enterprises to commercial real estate, Genea Security’s Custom Dashboard empowers organizations to save time and operate their physical security more efficiently.   

Genea is built on non-proprietary hardware, offering future flexibility and scalability. Connect your entire hardware and software infrastructure seamlessly, and if you don’t see the integration you need, Genea’s engineering team will work with you to build it. 

Fortune 50 Companies Trust Genea 

Revolutionize your security management by joining over 1 million users benefiting from Genea Security. See how we helped a Fortune 50 Company with 142 locations and 180,000 users transform their security in five months.

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