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Today, having a facility security plan is of the utmost importance, whether you are running a commercial real estate firm or an enterprise.

Conventional access control, such as keys and key cards, may make your facility safer by keeping out unwanted activity. But upgrading your access control system increases safety, keep threats out and lets you monitor potential internal threats.

Tips for Upgrading Your Facility Access Control Security:

Access control is the first line of defense for your organization’s security. Legacy systems are prone to breaches and misuse.

Failing to upgrade an out-of-date access control system puts your entire facility at risk. Here are five tips for improving a legacy access control system.

Upgrade from RFID Key cards and Traditional Keys

If you think your legacy key card system is un-hackable, you are mistaken. Hackers can copy key cards for less than $11. Access codes are also prone to being stolen and copied.

Additionally, following the termination of an employee, tenants will end up needing to rekey the locks to ensure building safety.

Keys are among the top four most commonly forgotten items. Eliminating “losable” items like key cards and keys can save time and money. A mobile-based access control system means fewer lost key cards and key replacements and no more retooling locks.

Evaluate Potential Security Threats

No business wants to deal with security breaches or threats. A security breach will likely mean taking the necessary steps to evaluate access control vulnerabilities. Doing so can help you determine necessary security upgrades.

While access is all about convenience, a thorough evaluation of an access control system means letting the right people in at the right times. Some things you need to consider during an evaluation include:

  • Identification of areas most prone to a breach
  • The time of day people require access to a given location
  • The number of people requiring separate access levels
  • How the system integrates with other security components
Determine Access Levels

Not everyone requires access to every area in your facility. Study your organization to determine which levels of access are required for each area. A map can help you break down entire areas into zones that let you decide the level of access to provide. While setting up the access control system, make sure everyone has access matched to their needs.

Prevent Tailgating

Holding the door open for someone seems polite – but it’s risky. Tailgating is a critical safety issue for facilities as it is hard to control. Consider educating facility users to forego holding doors open for others. Implementing several access points and layers of security cuts down on tailgating.

Perform Periodic Testing

Be sure to test the access control system to make sure it’s working correctly. Regular testing helps expose problem components in your access control system long before things go wrong. A monthly or quarterly testing regimen is the only way to be sure everything is functioning.

Traditional Access Control vs. Modern Security Systems

Traditional server-based and new cloud-based access control systems grant entry to your facility location and are easy to integrate with your current camera surveillance, elevators, and alarm systems. Traditional systems utilize a PIN pan or physical access cards. This system provides coverage of a large area, including multiple floors and even other facilities such as storage structures. However, purchasing and maintaining a local server comes at a high price, and the installation is labor-intensive.

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Cloud-based systems provide convenience. Employees can access the facility via smart mobile devices. Your employee doesn’t have to memorize a PIN code or carry a physical card. Plus, users appreciate the flexibility and ease of use of the system, while administrators appreciate seamless integration and reduced maintenance costs.

Upgrading Access Control Security

Deploying a new access control security system is not always easy. You need a service provider that allows you to keep your current system and add an access control system to leverage mobile and cloud capabilities. Adding a new solution to your existing system ensures you still have access to your old credentials with the added convenience of hands-free access.

Whether your access control system requirements are simple or complex, Genea can help. Schedule a demo today and see how we can improve your facility’s security!

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