Why Building Engineers Love Automated Submeter Reading and Billing

Why Building Engineers Love Automated Submeter Reading and Billing


At a recent industry event, I was talking with some of the building engineers that use our Overtime HVAC product, and they were asking questions about our Submeter Billing solution

So I put together a list of what building engineers like most about automated submeter reading and billing to help you determine if it’s the right fit for your building.

Brian Haine, Director of Technical Services

1. No More Clipboards

Many buildings still manage their submeters by having a building engineer walk around with a clipboard each month to write down the readings by hand. Our software allows engineers to collect the readings with their smartphone, allowing them to ditch the clipboard and collect readings easily and securely. 

2. No More Issues with Messy Handwriting and Frustrated Property Managers 

No clipboard means no property manager complaining about difficult to understand readings and sending you back to read meters againOur software helps you make the most of your time by sending readings from your smartphone directly into our platform, which calculates the bill. 

Confusing Spreadsheet

3. No More Accounting for Rollovers, Multipliers, and Formulas in Your Spreadsheets 

If you’re the one managing your building’s submeter billing spreadsheet, you know how frustrating it is to deal with rollovers, multipliers, and complex billing formulas. Since our software handles all of your tenant billing (no matter how complicated your billing scenario), you don’t have to worry about maintaining that complex spreadsheet anymore. 

4. No More Absorbing Peak Demand Billing 

Our software isn’t just for nonnetworked meters, either. It also monitors networked meters, reading them as frequently as every 15 minutes and handling the tenant billing. This allows you to pass along peak demand charges to the appropriate tenants. 

5. No More Lost Revenue from Broken Meters 

If one of your meters breaks during the month, it could be weeks before your team realizes it. By that point, you’ve lost weeks of data and therefore revenue. Our software will alert you when we identify a lapse in data, allowing you to fix the issue quickly and maintain accurate readings. 

Building engineers have better things to do with their time than babysit submeters. Our software allows them to monitor their submeters around the clock and makes billing a breeze. If you’d like to learn more, request a demo or connect with me on LinkedIn. 

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