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Genea and Moylan Energy Management are proud to announce a partnership designed to bring Genea’s best-in-class submeter reading and billing technology to Moylan’s customer base.

“Joining forces will allow us to provide an even better service to our customers, by introducing additional technologies to our current services,” said Owner of Moylan Energy Management, Laura Mullins. “This is the perfect relationship to further improve the service we provide to Michigan’s commercial real estate industry. The Genea team understands the challenges property teams face with managing submeter billing and they have created a solution that solves those issues in a way that will benefit Moylan’s customer base.”

Genea’s Submeter Billing service provides an easy-to-use app for collecting readings from manual meters, along with a cloud-based software platform for monitoring network meters. Genea’s software generates monthly invoices based on the unique needs of each building and creates an audit trail for property management and tenants.

“Laura Mullins and her team provide amazing service to the market and take such pride in serving their customers,” said Genea CEO Michael Wong. “Our relationship will allow us to take that service to the next level by using technology to provide an even better submeter billing experience at their properties. We’re looking forward to working with Laura and her team to strengthen their offering in the Michigan market.”

About Genea
Genea is a rapidly growing SaaS (software as a service) company headquartered in Irvine. We provide software solutions that help office buildings create a great experience for their tenants and reduce the workload on property teams that helps increase asset value, process efficiency, and tenant satisfaction. Genea’s software is implemented in over 250 million square feet of properties, helping property teams modernize their workflows and tenant experience. The software is backed by 24/7 support and monitoring from Genea’s US-based service team, resulting in a 99% customer retention rate. 

About Moylan
Moylan Energy Management, Inc. (MEM) was founded in 1999. Prior to that, it was a division of Moylan Engineering Associates, Inc., an engineering consulting firm founded in 1973. MEM is the recognized leader in Michigan’s tenant utility resale industry. The company has been awarded the Vendor of the Year Award and the Supplier Member of the Year Award by Metro Detroit Building and Owner’s Management Association (BOMA). The owner of MEM has been awarded BOMA’s Outstanding Service Award for two years running. Total customer satisfaction and top-quality work are the company’s core objectives.

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