Office downsizing. Cloud migrations. API integrations. Changes in access control have accelerated since the onset of COVID-19. Now, enterprises and commercial real estate companies are using technology to enable a new style of work.  

Mike Maxsenti, Director of Access Control at Genea, has had his finger on the pulse of the access control industry since before the pandemic’s start. In a one-on-one interview with Larry Anderson of, Maxsenti shares his insights into the rapidly changing access control industry and the adjustments many enterprises are making. 

Trends in Access Control

One trend Maxsenti has noticed is the changes in location from which employees work. Many in the workforce no longer need to live near their workplace. Instead, the hybrid office allows people to disperse.

 Subsequently, enterprises have reduced their “behemoth” office spaces in exchange for a greater number of locations that are smaller in size. Many companies have decided to rent or buy office space in multiple cities. With this brings the need for more dynamic security. 

 Cloud-based vs. On-premises Systems

Another change Maxsenti notes is the migration from on-premises to cloud-based access control.  

“…A lot of [Genea’s] integrator partners are coming to us saying, ‘Hey this customer has XYZ system; it’s mercury-based; can you take it over?’” Maxsenti said. “Integrators are unlocking a lot of opportunities with customers that have been dormant for a while…” 

Uniquely, Genea Access Control also gives users the capability of “going mobile” with HID Origo. Instead of issuing and re-issuing physical key cards, teams can send digital keys to a user’s mobile device.  

“We have HID Origo built completely into our platform. So, when you are issuing a mobile key from Genea, the backend of that is all HID Origo,” Maxsenti said. “It’s still non-proprietary, so the user experience is so much better compared to what you would have to do with any other system…” 

For more valuable insight about changes in access control, watch the full interview below. 

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