Genea CEO Michael Wong Featured on New Episode of The C-Life Podcast

Genea CEO Michael Wong Featured on New Episode of The C-Life Podcast

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Tyler Mounce, host of Stark’s The C-Life podcast, sat down with Genea CEO Michael Wong for the show’s latest episode. In their conversation, the pair explored everything from Wong’s personal career journey to practical sustainability in CRE.

Mounce started the interview by gaining an understanding of Genea’s flagship service — our overtime HVAC software — and its core value drivers. Said Wong of the service, “When you make [HVAC] more convenient, tenants tend to use it more. It’s a little bit of a secret in the industry, but overtime HVAC tends to be a profit center for a lot of buildings owners. Most software companies help you make things more efficient and help with cost savings. But here, we can help drive the top line, which is unique.” 

From there, the conversation turned more toward Wong’s personal history — his background in the finance world, how he wound up as the CEO of Genea, and how he incorporates what he’s learned along the way.

“What I relied on more than anything I learned in my professional career when I took over Genea was my experience coaching my kids in basketball. “How do I hire individually talented people [and then build] a successful company, like you would a team? Come up with a game plan, clearly communicate what the game plan is, and have [your team] communicate and work with each other.”

He goes on to say that while he used to fall asleep when his managers would talk about workplace culture, he now prioritizes it. “I’ve learned that culture trumps strategy, big time, and we rely on that heavily. I am incredibly transparent with what our goals are as a company, from the senior management team all the way down to the newest employee. Everybody knows what our mission is, because I talk about it all the time.”

Unsurprisingly then, a key takeaway from the episode is also a message we hear often in the halls of Genea’s headquarters: “Technology is only valuable if it’s easy — and people don’t do business with technology, they do business with people.”

You can learn more about our fearless leader, and this company that he’s grown, by listening to the full episode.

You can find more information on our Overtime HVAC software here.

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