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We have a very exciting product announcement!

Our mission has always been to automate and centralize security management for the modern enterprise and office buildings. Having unified access, video and visitor management system in a single cloud environment enables customers to save a ton of time on operating expenses and also increases security.

We are proud to announce that we have finalized our integration with Tyco Cloud video management system enabling our customers to use deep video management integrations within the Genea Security system. Also in the works is our integration with Eagle Eye Networks and Milestone.

  • Tyco Cloud VMS (Cloudvue) Now Available
  • Eagle Eye Networks – Coming Soon
  • Milestone – Coming Soon

Some new features released as part of these integrations include:

  • Correlate Video with Access Control Events – Administrators can correlate their video feed with events and activities from our access control systems (investigating door access grants, door access deny events, door held or door forced open events).
  • Mapping doors and cameras together having one-click view to video
  • View live video feed (sample below)
Tyco Live Feed in Genea Platform

If you would like a demo or to speak to a team member about our integration options, please reach out!

We hope you’re doing well and staying safe.

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