In the fast-paced world of business, keeping your facilities, employees and assets secure is crucial. As technology advances, it’s becoming increasingly important to have the right tools to manage and monitor your security systems. Integrating your physical security solutions is essential. That’s where Arcules video management and Genea Security come in. 

What is Arcules Video Management? 

Arcules is a provider of multi-site video surveillance. Their cloud-based video management system helps enterprises, healthcare providers, property management companies and more monitor their security. With features like video analytics, Arcules is a powerful tool for IT and security teams looking to enhance their security with a data-driven, cloud-based system.  

Benefits of Arcules  

  • Easy to use- Arcules does not require lengthy training. 
  • Easy access- Remotely access any camera, from any device, at any time. 
  • Keep your cameras- No need to rip-and-replace hardware. Use your existing IP cameras and network gear. 

But video surveillance is only one part of the security puzzle. For maximum oversight and safety, organizations must implement a robust door access control system.  

What is Genea Security?  

Genea Security is a cloud-based access control solution that keeps facilities safe, provides valuable access data and monitors hardware. Instead of having to manage and maintain faulty on-premises servers with outdated technology, Genea makes it easy to store your access control data on a third-party server. With Genea, Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosts your data, so you don’t have to. This means you’ll never need to schedule server maintenance, saving you time and costs. 

Unlike other cloud-based companies, Genea runs on non-proprietary Mercury and HID hardware. (WaveLynx and STid are also available.) With non-proprietary hardware, organizations can avoid installing new door readers and hardware.  

Genea Security also simplifies and streamlines access management, helping businesses provision key cards to users, monitor access, create custom roles and track access events. But, perhaps, the greatest benefit to your security is Genea’s integration options.  

Centralizing Your Security with the Genea + Arcules Integration 

One of the powerful features of Genea cloud security is its ability to quickly connect various systems into a single pane of glass. Integrations like this are made simple with Genea Security. 

Together, Arcules and Genea provide a comprehensive security solution that helps businesses keep their employees and assets safe. By integrating Arcules’ video surveillance capabilities with Genea Security, your team can monitor and manage their security systems in real time, giving them the ability to respond quickly to potential threats. 

For example, if an employee attempts to access a restricted area, Genea’s door access system will trigger an alert, and Arcules will provide a video feed of the incident in real time. This level of integration and automation can help businesses respond to security events efficiently. 

In addition to enhanced security capabilities, the Genea + Arcules integration provides businesses with valuable data insight. By combining access control data with video surveillance data, businesses can gain a better understanding of when employees use the building, enabling them to make more informed decisions about security and resource allocation.

Screenshots inside of laptops for the Genea and Arcules Video Management Integration

Key Features of the Genea + Arcules Integration 

The Genea Security + Arcules integration offers various features, including: 

  • Mapping cameras to doors – This provides instant access to the right video feed at the right time, eliminating the need for manual searching. 
  • Live Video Streaming – View live video streams from Arcules cameras. 
  • Camera Wall – Monitor multiple video streams from a single screen with Arcules’ camera wall feature. Keep an eye on your facility’s security from one centralized location. 

Genea also integrates with several other platforms, including Cisco Meraki, Rhombus Systems and Salient. For more information about these integrations, their features or to see the integrations in action, contact a Genea representative

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