Read Networked & Non-Networked Meters

Our software works with all of your existing meters for all utility types (electric, water, etc.). It can also be set up in a matter of days, allowing you to take advantage of automating your processes before next month's read.

Create Invoices Based on Your Rules

Submeter billing involves varying multipliers and complex formulas, making it challenging to manage. Our software can handle the intricacies of your commercial tenant billing scenarios, making sure you're billing correctly every time. Our software then provides a CSV file that can go directly into your account software and easy-to-understand invoices in case a tenant has a question about the charges.

Maintain an Audit Trail

Our platform maintains a detailed audit trail for both your networked and non-networked meters, so you and your tenants can be confident that the readings and billing are accurate.

No setup fees or upfront costs, so you don't have to worry about finding room in your budget for smart meter technology.

Validates meter readings at the moment the meter is read, eliminating costly reading errors.
Works with all of your existing equipment, including networked and non-networked meters.
Handles multipliers and complex billing scenarios easily, and creates invoices that import into your accounting system.
24/7 US-based support and monitoring, so your team and equipment is taken care of around the clock.
Convenient app makes taking meter readings for non-networked meters simple and hassle-free.
Easy setup process means we can improve your meter reading process before next month's reads.
Includes training for your team and ongoing audits of your readings to confirm all billing is correct.

Learn more about how our software helps property management teams handle their meter reading and billing.

See how our Submeter Billing Service makes reading and billing for submeters easy and error-free, saving your team time and reducing risk. If you'd like to see if for yourself, request a demo below. A part of the process we'll look over your submeter billing spreadsheet and help you locate any errors that could be causing you to over- or under-bill your tenants every month -- and we'll do it for free.