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A few weeks ago we hosted a Webinar on Touchless Access for the Modern Building.

Touchless access control and visitor management practices are critical to ensuring a safe, and healthy environment, and we’d like to help office and building teams prepare for this new reality.

Genea’s new cloud-based access control system is the first access control management software of its kind to be built on non-proprietary hardware and the only software that offers 24/7 direct support.

Genea’s VP of Sales, Rob Vail and Head of Access Control, Mike Maxsenti presented the webinar and demonstrated your building can benefit from Genea’s all-inclusive, cloud-based platform.

A few highlights included:

  • Best practices for reducing common touch points for secure entrances
  • New visitor management techniques 
  • Affordable products to eliminate or reduce common touch points
  • How to leverage your existing controllers and readers to protect your capital investment
  • How cloud-based systems can help buildings reduce operating costs while increasing security

Please contact us for further information on how Genea can provide your building with a touchless, cloud-based access control solution.

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