Whether you are an IT specialist at a national enterprise or a property manager of a commercial real estate portfolio, efficient security management is crucial. With the advent of advanced property technology, traditional security systems have evolved into sophisticated cloud-based systems that offer greater control and flexibility. Along with these cloud-based systems come robust feature sets, including Interactive Floor Plans for Access Control. This blog will explore how this Interactive Floor Plan feature helps IT and security teams oversee all the doors and cameras across their entire facility from a single pane of glass. 

Challenges of Physical Security 

One of the most difficult tasks of physical security is establishing detailed oversight. Traditionally, on-premises access control systems lacked the appropriate features and integration capabilities required to unify isolated security systems.  

For example, video management systems, including video surveillance cameras, would run through a separate platform from a company’s door access control system. Consequently, this makes having a singular overview of one’s physical security system impossible. However, in recent years, some access control providers have switched to operating through the cloud.  

What does this mean for security teams and you? It means two things: 1. Disparate systems can be integrated. IT and security teams no longer need to toggle between different computer screens for an overview of their security. Instead, everything security is in one place, behind a single pane of glass. From a practical standpoint, this means faster reaction times and a more efficient way to gain oversight across your entire facility or facilities. 2. The cloud also means new security features can be instantly deployed by the manufacturer once they are developed.  Since Genea Security is cloud-based, this feature was quickly released to customers giving them a visual way to achieve detailed oversight of their facilities.  

Visualize Your Security with Interactive Floor Plans 

Interactive Floor Plans presents a comprehensive bird’s eye view of your entire security system. By mapping doors and access points onto graphical floor plans, IT and security teams gain a holistic understanding of their facility’s security layout. This visual representation allows for easy identification and assessment of potential vulnerabilities, enabling proactive security measures. 

For instance, if an enterprise security team operates within a multi-level building, they can import floor plan maps of each level. After importing the graphic, system administrators can add door and camera icons in the appropriate places on the map. The icons will indicate the status of the door or camera. If a camera is offline, the icon will show the color red, if it’s online it will show blue. But this is just the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to how Interactive Floor Plans for Access Control help IT and security teams.

Benefits of Security Floor Plans 

Interactive Floor Plans gives teams many advantages when it comes to increasing response time and managing their security. These benefits include faster troubleshooting, quick-grant access and easily accessible audit logs.  

  • Troubleshooting Access Control  – Troubleshooting equipment quickly and effectively is crucial in maintaining a secure environment. Genea’s Interactive Floor Plans utilize color-coded icons to provide real-time status updates regarding doors and cameras. When a door is online, locked, unlocked or held open, the icon on the map will change color accordingly. This intuitive color-coding system immediately alerts IT and security teams to any issues and prompts them to begin troubleshooting. Instant visibility expedites the identification and resolution of security concerns, ensuring uninterrupted protection. 
  • Camera Views: Centralized Surveillance – One of the major advantages of cloud-based access control is its ability to connect disparate systems, like video, visitor and identity management. Integrating your video management system with access control amplifies the power of Interactive Floor Plans. By seamlessly connecting the two systems, you can strategically position cameras anywhere on the interactive map. With just a single click from a pop-out menu, security personnel can access live camera feeds, simplifying monitoring and response. The platform even offers adjustable settings such as camera angles and fields of view, further enhancing surveillance capabilities. Genea’s cloud-based technology enables seamless integration with leading video management systems like Milestone, Arcules, Rhombus Systems, Cisco Meraki and others.  
  • Quick-Grant Access: Streamlined Visitor Management – The process of granting temporary access to visitors or end users can often be cumbersome. However, with Interactive Floor Plans, this task becomes much easier. From the pop-out menu, system administrators can grant immediate door access with a single click. By eliminating the need to navigate through multiple windows, IT and security teams can enhance operational efficiency, ensuring smooth visitor management. 
  • Access Logs: Detailed System Audit Trail – Maintaining a comprehensive audit trail of system changes is essential for security compliance and incident investigations. Interactive Floor Plans provide access logs that offer detailed accounts of any modifications made within the access control system. By accessing the pop-out menu, IT and security teams can preview event descriptions, including unlocked doors or forced entry attempts, and identify the individuals responsible for these changes. This transparency strengthens accountability and facilitates effective security governance. 

Getting Started with Cloud Access Control 

In today’s dynamic security landscape, Interactive Floor Plans for Access Control empowers IT and security teams with an intuitive and efficient tool to manage security systems. By leveraging the graphical map interface, color-coded indicators, seamless camera integrations and detailed access logs, organizations can enhance their security management capabilities. Interactive Floor Plans revolutionize the way security is monitored, ensuring rapid response to emergencies and fostering a secure future for businesses of all sizes. 

To learn more about Genea’s Interactive Floor Plans for Access Control, speak to one of our helpful representatives.