It is no surprise that as the years change, so does technology. The inventions and gadgets you grew up with and love eventually grow obsolete. You learn to adapt to newer and better solutions that simplify tasks like opening the door.

In a fast-paced and ever-changing world, it is difficult to discern the “true” from the trendy. Luckily, you can still have the best of both worlds when it comes to the right access control solution.

Whether it be mobile- or card-based access control, you can determine what system is the best for you. Though both demonstrate immense value, understanding their differences will help you reach an informed decision.

Keys and Key Card Access Control

Back in the 1960s, a little device called the 8-track became the “groovy” music player of choice. That was the ’60s. Mention an “8-track” to a kid today–they’ll ask if it’s an app for the iPhone or Android. It’s not your fault; some technology just fades out.

The same is true for with physical keys and key cards. Mobile access control is quickly replacing these outdated systems. But a key card system is better for those not ready to use cloud-based, mobile access control.

Here are some key benefits to consider with card access control:

Size: You can easily fit it inside of your wallet without any worry of losing it. 

Access: There is no longer a need for different keys for different doors. With card access control, you can use it for multiple access points. (Though card access control is limited compared to mobile access control.)

Easy to Fix: Unlike regular keys that can break or damage, card access control can be reprogrammed or deactivated without any hassle and does not require the services of a locksmith.

Phones Are the Future with Mobile Access Control

You want something that is easy to use and does not require a lot of time or effort. With mobile access control, you can handle everything from your smartphone. It is so quick you will be wondering why you did not think to do this before. Here are some key benefits to consider with mobile access control:

Top-Notch Security: By putting all your credentials and information onto your phone, it eliminates the need for any key cards. The power and security are right in your hands and you are in control.

Mobile Access Control

Time Management: You no longer need to worry about finding your keys or being afraid of misplacing your key card. Unlike most systems that require internet service, Genea’s mobile entry system works without internet access. 

Easy to Use: For those technology novices, mobile access control is easy to use. Three easy steps will have you up and running (and bounding like an Olympian into your office).

The Best Solution for Your Business Is Right Here

While key card and mobile access control are both more secure than a keyring of jangling metal keys, consider how the implementation best correlates with your needs.

Card access control works best with single-door access. Examples of this include:

  • Small businesses (coffee shops, boutiques, etc.)
  • Residential homes

These places are small and few people require access. Therefore, card access control is beneficial.

Mobile access control works best with multi-door access. Examples of this include:

  • Buildings with many access points
  • Enterprises with multiple buildings
  • Large workforces

These places are large and have many people working in the buildings. Having mobile access control is beneficial because it allows total control via a phone, eliminating the worry of a card not working properly. With the use of a mobile device, they can gain access to secured doors, entrances, systems, services, and more in just one tap.

Ready for Better Access Control?

Overall, the choice is yours. Ready to put those keys in a shredder? Schedule a demo to learn more about mobile access control and how Genea can help.

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