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Heading into the holiday season there’s probably a lot on your to do list: decorating, last minute projects to finish before the end of the year, setting budget and project priorities for 2019, etc. Hopefully you’ll be able to get everything done and still enjoy some well-earned down time with your family and friends. 

Unfortunately, many property teams will find themselves putting in extra work at some point during the holiday season. Maybe it will be a genuine emergency: a power outage or (heaven forbid) a fire. But for most property teams it will be something much more mundane: overtime HVAC requests

If a tenant is tasked with a last-minute project during the holidays and needs to go into the office, you could end up with a last-minute call to fulfill a request on the Friday after Thanksgiving or a Saturday in late December. Maybe your team can log in remotely to fulfill the request, but someone might need to drive to the property to make sure the tenant is taken care of quickly.  

While your team might be willing to jump on these last-minute requests to take care of your tenants, it’s likely not the best use of their time. It’s also not the experience you want to create for your tenants — waiting for their request to be fulfilled, wishing they were home with their families as well. 

How Do You Avoid the Blues?

Using utility software to automate your overtime HVAC program can take the entire issue off your plate. It gives tenants an easy way to submit requests in real time, fulfills those requests through your BMS (following your building’s rules and protocols), and calculates the invoices afterwards. This means that your tenants can get service at any time over the holidays, while you relax and enjoy your time off. 

As an added bonus, the utility software works as an extra set of eyes on your building equipment. Our technical team is notified when a crucial piece of equipment is unreachable, acting as a backup when you’re out of the building. Our team works 24/7/365, making sure all requests are fulfilled and your tenants’ support needs are met (so you don’t get those phone calls, either!) 

Don’t Sacrifice Energy Efficiency to Meet Tenant Needs

Some teams will play it safe by running their buildings throughout the holidays to make sure tenants’ needs are met. But this means running your building at full occupancy on the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve — days when a majority of your tenants aren’t in the building. That can add up to thousands of dollars in unnecessary additional energy usage and equipment stress. 

By going on-demand with overtime HVAC utility software, you’re running your buildings only when needed — saving the building money while still making it incredibly easy for tenants to request (and get) service, exactly when they need it. 

As you go into the stresses of the holidays, this is one stressor you can easily avoid. Request a demo to learn more about implementing and benefiting from our Overtime HVAC service

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