Stay on top of foot traffic, access events, compliance and more with Genea Custom Reporting. Now, IT and security teams can receive customizable reports delivered straight to their inbox without lifting a finger.

Why Use Custom Reporting?

Each day, access control can make or break your security. Though all access control systems help security teams monitor their facilities, Genea makes it easier with Custom Reporting. Custom Reporting gives teams a detailed activity log without having to manually generate them. Ultimately, IT and security professionals can streamline system management, saving them time.

How Custom Reporting Helps with Compliance

There are several scenarios in which Custom Reporting is beneficial, including access control compliance. For example, Bob is a security compliance officer at a large enterprise. Bob’s supervisor tasks him with monitoring an executive office containing a lot of valuable information. But, when Bob is told to “watch the office,” he misinterprets the direction. Instead, he hears “watch The Office.” About midway through season 1, he realizes his gaffe.

Luckily, a daily report of all access events to the executive office gets automatically generated using Genea Custom Reporting. There’s no need to log in or create a report on-the-fly. The report will be delivered directly to his inbox.

Making Updates is Easy

Updating the parameters of the report is simple, too. Say, for instance, that Bob’s workplace decides to give employees the choice of using key cards or mobile credentials. Their new policy requires reporting on the type of access (mobile or key card). Bob or his supervisor can easily edit the existing report by adding a column that includes credential type. When generated, the changes will appear.

How Custom Reporting Helps with Hardware

Custom reporting also helps with managing hardware. An IT manager, Hannah, works at a medium-sized organization. Her team must update the firmware of all the access control hardware, companywide. Because of the project’s enormous scope, members of her team must go to the various building locations and upgrade the firmware in person.

To track the progress, Hannah creates a hardware report listing all the access control controllers and readers. The list includes details such as the equipment’s make, model, serial number, firmware version number and IP address. With Genea Automated Reporting, Hannah can receive a newsletter every week, on the day and at the time she wants. She can then regularly brief management about the progress of the project.

How Does it Work?

Custom Reporting is a feature of Genea Security. From the Access Control dashboard, administrators navigate to “Reports.” Once there, they can set the parameters of the report. This includes:

  • User Name
  • Report Type– Different categories including “User and Key” and “Door.”
  • Location(s)- Select from one or more locations you wish to monitor.
  • Description– Enter any additional information that may be pertinent for communicating with your team.

Once a report has been created, users can then select where and when they want the report sent. For example, Marty wants a daily update as soon as he arrives in the office at 8 a.m. Administrators have the option of setting daily, weekly, or monthly recurring reports. The feature will use the parameters Marty sets and generate a report containing all the data from the categories he specifies.

IT and security administrators can also generate reports by door access. These reports can be filtered by email, username, department and more, then sent directly to your inbox on a regular cadence.

Arrival Reports: Know When Employees Arrive

Another feature of Custom Reporting is its capability to generate arrival reports. In many situations, enterprises may want to know when employees arrive at the facility. IT and security teams can generate logs specifically detailing when employees enter a building for the first time each day.

These reports can be organized by location and filtered by name, email, department, employee number and more. Arrival reports can also be automated to be delivered to your inbox.

Custom Reporting for Many Scenarios

Custom Reporting can be beneficial in a variety of scenarios, including compliance, access monitoring and equipment status. IT and security teams at schools may want to see when certain employees enter and exit the building. Commercial real estate teams may need to keep tabs on contractors or delivery people. Hospitals may want to keep track of foot traffic coming in and out of the nursery. Most of all, it saves teams time, freeing them to focus on other tasks.

Interested in learning more about Custom Reporting and Genea Security? Talk to one of our helpful experts.

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