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There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing the right submeters if you’re looking to purchase them for your building, whether you’re installing them for the first time or replacing existing meters. While it might seem easiest to go with the largest brand name manufacturer or stick with the vendor you’ve used in the past, choosing the wrong meters can create time-consuming issues, leave you without proper technical support, and waste money.

Here are five important factors to consider when choosing submeters for your building.  

System Integration

Make sure that the meters you purchase can be integrated with your building’s existing EMS/BAS infrastructure setup. If it won’t be easily integrated with your EMS/BAS, you’ll set yourself up for costly problems.  


While it’s unnecessary to spend hundreds of dollars on the highest tech or brand name submeters, you do want to ensure that the meters you purchase are fully functional in the ways that matter. One feature to prioritize is a display. The value of your meters lies in the readings that they take — you should be able to do so easily! 

Replacement/Repair Availability

If one of your submeters goes down or stops working, it’s important to be able to replace it quickly in order to ensure that your readings are as close to accurate as possible. Before ordering meters from a vendor, find out how long and how difficult it will be to replace meters or meter parts if issues arise. While you might not expect to have problems any time soon — once an issue does arise, you’ll need to be prepared.  

Technical Support

You’ll want to make sure that the vendor you purchase your meters from provides reliable technical support. If something goes wrong with a meter and you can’t get ahold of someone from the manufacturing company customer service team, you’ll be in a bind. 


The price of submeters is (of course) a large consideration. Working within a building’s budget can be difficult, but submeters are an important investment. You want functional, reliable meters that can be easily read. Don’t let brand name blind you — you can find meters with just as much functionality as the big brand names for much lower prices.  

Need help making the right decision?

Our software is meter-agnostic, which puts us in a unique situation to work with just about every meter on the market. As a result, our team has seen the strengths and weaknesses of different meters and can help you determine what makes sense for your situation. We don’t have sales relationships with any meter manufacturers so you know you’ll get unbiased advice from a team that’s simply passionate about meters! 

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