Overtime HVAC

Managing after hours HVAC requests can eat up a lot of your team's time, even if you're using a work order system to manage them. Our software allows tenants to request after hours HVAC service through their smartphone or computer. Our software then turns the system on and off, and handles the billing. Your tenants are happier and your team doesn't need to lift a finger.
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Submeter Billing

Still using a clipboard and spreadsheets to manage your building's submeters? Our app will help you collect readings quickly and correctly on all of your existing meters, while our software handles the billing process. This provides your tenants with an easy-to-understand monthly bill and you with an audit trail.
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Building Apps

In today's technology-enabled world, tenants expect technology to be part of the building experience. Present a cohesive tenant experience with a building app that provides everything your tenants need to know about your building — from amenities to food trucks to emergency protocols. This ensures your tenants have the information they need to engage with your team, building amenities, and surrounding businesses.
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