Submeters 102

Property technology is changing how the commercial real estate (CRE) industry operates. From turning on HVAC service with a smartphone to provisioning digital key cards to Apple or Google Wallet, property technology is making it easier than ever to save time and money.  

In Submetering 102: A Property Manager’s Guide, we examine the considerations and benefits of installing a cloud-based submeter billing system. Learn how many property managers and engineers are using submetering systems to achieve greater utility reading and billing accuracy, identify points of leakage and collect data about tenant energy use. 

What’s Covered? 

  • Why property managers should submeter their utilities 
  • Things to consider before installing submeters 
  • The types of submeters available 
  • How to effectively collect and use your tenants’ utility data 
  • How to integrate submeter billing technology with your BMS 



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