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For modern fast-growing businesses, the risk environment of today calls for more flexible, scalable, and automated access control solutions. Constant challenges to monitor and manage access rights across the enterprise leave most organizations vulnerable to security breaches. The ability for security teams to rapidly automate provisioning and deprovisioning of users across a portfolio of access points from a centralized solution is vital to maintaining organization security.

However, according to a recent study, 63% of companies surveyed have decentralized or locally managed security platforms, which limit their scalability and organizational efficiency.

Access control systems and their administration have often been an afterthought in the IT solution stack.  Typically, they are siloed applications at each office location without cloud access to data or integration to existing identity solutions.

Like most business systems, access control is moving to the cloud. We have discussed the benefits of cloud-based access control systems before, but below are some reasons why it is imperative for fast-growing companies.

Speed and Scalability

For fast-growing organizations, a cloud-based access control solution enables IT and operations management to quickly open new offices across multiple cities around the world and use one solution for access management. Cloud-based access control systems make it easy for administrators to provision/deprovision users across all office locations, instantly and effortlessly manage employee access, and immediately revoke access privileges for former employees.


Genea cloud-based access control system is designed to automate physical access control to reduce the cost and time associated with managing access to your facilities. Integration with digital identity management platforms like Okta, Active Directory, and others make it possible for IT or Facilities to manage access control from a single platform. Access privileges can easily be granted and managed for vendors or other office suppliers that need to get into the building on a semi-regular basis. By enabling mobile keys, employees no longer have to worry about a separate badge to keep track of when entering a door. They can simply pull out their phone, twist and enter at their convenience.  

Improving Compliance

For compliance, access logs are housed in a single, easy-to-access file. Whether you are tracking an incident or generating access logs for SOC 2 compliance, Genea makes it easy to export detailed activity logs. Additionally, integrations with other cloud-based services, like Slack, enable you to receive instant security alerts through their messaging platform. To help prevent piggybacking, Genea recently integrated with Cisco’s Meraki cameras, so that each entry or exit can be accompanied by a video recording.

Cost Savings

Cloud-based access control systems allow you to start with what you need and add on as you go with subscription-based pricing models. By centralizing access management in a single platform, it allows more of your workforce to concentrate their efforts on building value for your company. In addition, you also remove the need for infrastructure expenses at each site, thereby reducing hardware costs.

Access control isn’t always top of mind for modern, fast-growing companies. And, frankly, we get it. You have a million things on your plate in terms of growing revenue and improving your bottom-line. But if you are planning on rapidly expanding, a cloud-based access control system just makes sense.

Download this case study and check out why OfferUp decided to go with Genea when opening a new office location.

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