Sensitive data is vulnerable to theft if not physically secured. Around 9% of data breaches, at an average cost of $3.54 million, are caused by compromised physical security. Luckily, access control can help. By leveraging the cloud, enterprises, commercial real estate companies and others can protect and secure their IT assets. Here are some tips for creating an integrated security ecosystem you can easily manage.

Top Access Control Integrations for Enterprises

Video Integrations

Integrate your existing video surveillance systems for enhanced physical security of your IT assets and sensitive information. Genea facilitates integrations with various third-party video surveillance systems, including Rhombus Systems, Milestone Networks, Cisco Meraki, Tyco Cloud VMS and many more. These integrations help system administrators monitor door access activities in real-time, manage video surveillance from a centralized dashboard and correlate video feeds with door access events.

Visitor Management

Touchless Visitor Management maximizes the user experience while keeping guests and IT assets safe. Keep track of who enters and exits the building. You can integrate Genea Security with Visitor Management to streamline the process of assigning and distributing credentials to guests.

Identity Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a framework that authenticates users and determines if they are authorized to access resources at a building. Genea Security facilitates integrations with several well-known identity providers, such as Okta, Microsoft Azure Active Directory and OneLogin to automate the adding and removing of users for physical and network access control across all your office locations. A robust identity management platform is crucial to access control information security.

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How Genea Security Protects  

Protect Employees, Data and Important Business Assets

Protect your vital business assets by restricting unauthorized people from accessing high-risk areas such as server rooms and offices with the help of Genea Security.

Manage Remotely

Genea Access Control enables you to manage user credentials, monitor all access activities and assign mobile keys from anywhere, at any time, with any device. Choose which doors lock or unlock in a situation like an active shooter or fire, and execute your plan from a remote location with a single click.

Customized to Meet Your Unique Needs

The security needs of no two enterprises are the same. Depending on the existing IT infrastructure, some enterprises may want to use physical key fobs as access credentials, while others want to go mobile. With Genea, you can use both.

Detailed and Real-time Audit Trails

Genea Security enables you to track the specifics of an incident and export activity logs. It records door opening and closing times, user access activities and forced door-opening attempts to help you understand how the activity within your building or suite.

Non-proprietary Hardware

With non-proprietary hardware, you can upgrade or change the access control system without replacing your existing hardware components. Since Genea uses non-proprietary hardware from brands such as Mercury Securities, STid and WaveLynx Technologies, you will not need to replace your hardware when you change systems.

Dozens of API Integrations

API integrations streamline workflows and increase the efficiency of your physical security systems. You can connect Genea Security with the tech stack you already use for visitor management, video management, identity management, parking management, critical event management and elevator controls. These integrations eliminate redundancies in adding and removing users, automate provisioning and de-provisioning workflows and reduce elevator wait times.

Single Dashboard Oversight

Genea Security offers a global dashboard where you can monitor access activities of multiple locations and stream live video feeds of your bookmarked or high-risk locations. It enables you to see access alerts, unauthorized access activity, alarm data and hardware status without navigating through multiple tabs.

Wide Variety of Access Control Models

Genea Security offers security administrators the power to determine the level of access and assign access permissions for individual users based on a variety of factors, including attributes associated with the subjects, security policies, access control policies, access control lists (ACLS), roles, designations, rank in the hierarchy and more.

No matter if you want to provide access permissions based on access control models such as attribute-based access control (ABAC), role-based access control (RBAC), mandatory access control (MAC) or discretionary access control (DAC), our cloud-based access control has got you covered. Genea also facilitates the principle of least privilege (POLP), which emphasizes that users have only the bare minimum access rights that are needed for them to perform day-to-day tasks.

IT Professionals Choose Genea

IT professionals across industries choose Genea Cloud-based Access Control for various reasons, including a simple user interface, remote access management, globalized dashboard, dozens of integrations and custom reporting.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Genea’s customer support is available 24/7/365 to ensure your access control solutions are up and running without any disruption. Genea also offers extensive informational resources that help your employees to be equipped with knowledge on physical, network security standards, data security principles and more.

See for Yourself Why Genea Is the Best Access Control Solution for IT Professionals