Mobile submeter reading and billing just got faster. 

With the latest update to the Genea Submeter Billing app, teams can upload their meter read images 50% faster than before. The update also gives building engineers the ability to:  

  • Instantly upload submeter values 
  • Upload values and meter photos separately 
  • Upload read data in bulk 
  • Automatically sync data between the mobile device and building level 

In addition to these updates, “reset collection” has been removed and minor UX adjustments have been made, giving users a more user-friendly experience. (For more information about past updates to Submeter Billing, click here.

Genea Submeter Billing and Reading Application Update Screenshots

Instant Uploads 

A major improvement within Genea’s Submeter Billing app gives meter readers the ability to upload data to the cloud instantly. In the previous version of the app, some building teams reported experiencing their reads not syncing properly at the building level. For some teams, once a meter was read, engineers tended to close their phone. When the phone closed, the Genea app would enter “sleep” mode. Consequently, the reads would not upload to the server, leaving teams scratching their heads and wondering why the data did not upload. Genea was eager to address this quirk. 

With the app update, teams can input and upload submeter values and meter photos separately. The values get uploaded instantly, while the photos will sync once a Wi-Fi or data connection becomes available.  

Bulk Uploads 

Uploading meter read photos in bulk is also a new feature to the app. In the previous version, building engineers were required to complete and upload the read of each building before moving onto the next. This presented a problem for those metering across building portfolios.   

For example, if the meter reader Sean completed the reads for Building 1, he would have to upload the collected data before beginning the reads in Building 2.  

In the latest version of Submeter Billing, meter readers can upload all the data across their entire portfolio in one bulk upload. Ultimately, property teams will benefit from a more streamlined workflow.

 Submeter Billing and Reading with Genea  

Genea Submeter Billing and Reading helps property teams and building engineers better account for their utility costs. See how Submeter Billing can help your portfolio by speaking with a Genea team member.  

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