Custom Attributes is a feature within Genea Security that helps IT and security teams conduct precise searches using customizable tags. These tags assist security administrators by allowing them to search for access events based upon the criteria they deem most appropriate.  

Where Does Custom Attributes Work?  

Custom Attributes works within both the location-specific and global dashboards. In other words, administrators can leverage Custom Attributes to search either a single location or across a network of buildings. After inputting a search term or employee name, a list of suggested attributes appears in the search bar.  

For instance, if the name “Aaron” is typed in, then Genea will generate a list of optional attributes. These could include, “Aaron in Username,” “Aaron in Email” and others. If “Aaron in Email” is selected, then all the people with the name “Aaron” who also have “Aaron” in their email address will populate within the search results.  

When managing thousands of enterprise credentials, Custom Attributes is a must-have.  

Searching By First and Last Name 

When a user’s first and last name are known, they may be used to perform a search. Prior to Custom Attributes, the search would instead yield results within the alerts tab. With the addition of Custom Attributes, system administrators have fewer steps to reach the information they need.  

Other Use Cases for Custom Attributes 

IT and security personnel can create any custom attribute they find helpful. For example, one morning, an IT specialist notices a black sedan parked in a parking garage. The sedan has been there since the night before. Mildly suspicious, the IT specialist decides to identify and contact the owner. He searches for the owner of the sedan by using the attribute “license plate number.”  

He matches the license plate number to a name within the access control database. Then, he finds the employee’s name and phone number, makes contact and verifies that the employee left the car in the garage overnight. 

Out-of-the-Box API Integrations, 24/7/365 Live Support, and More 

Custom attributes make searching through your thousands of access events less time consuming. But did you know Genea Security offers dozens of other features and integrations to make your job easier?  

With out-of-the-box visitor management, identity management, video management and other API integrations, you can bring your access control to the cloud while simultaneously unifying your entire security system.  

Plus, Genea offers 24/7/365 live support to make sure you get answers as soon as you need them. Learn more about our Access Control and its features by speaking with a Genea specialist.  

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