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Three Tech Trends in Access Control 2021

It’s not the flashiest tech, and you won’t find it trending in your child’s TikTok account—but the access control software industry is poised for transformation in 2021.

Estimates have the global access control software market topping $6.6 billion by the end of 2025. That’s up two billion dollars since 2019. So how will this happen?

As development teams at Genea push to innovate, they are considering the current and future trends in access control.

Cloud-based, Mobile Solutions: ‘Goodbye’ On-Premise Server Rooms

COVID-19 was a disruptor—that goes without saying. But while many industries took financial hits and office buildings lay dormant, demand for innovative access control solutions flourished. As people return to the workplace, these innovations will continue.

“The big trend, right now, is migrating to the cloud,” said Mike Maxsenti, Head of Access Control Operations at Genea. “Especially in enterprise, you have all these companies transitioning from their on-premise systems to cloud-based systems. It was costing them too much time, money and resources to manage their on-premise systems.”

Along with cloud-based solutions, demands for mobile credentialing has surged. Admins can assign and remove employee privileges from a consumer-friendly UX. The solution saves the time and hassle of coordinating an on-site meet up to reprogram a keycard. Mobile access control also empowers tenants to monitor their office spaces from afar. And, the following cutting-edge integrations do just that…

Security Integrations

The often-forgetful file clerk Doris Ajar was pulling another one of her late nights at the office. In her half-asleep state, she propped open the file room door and forgot to close it when she was done, exposing hundreds of confidential documents. Luckily, the building property team had installed a cloud-based access control system with video integration. The open door sent an alert to the property managers’ mobile devices, along with a live video feed from the building’s security cameras. In real-time, the management team saw the open door and alerted Doris.

Genea video wall integration

Many cloud-based access control platforms already integrate with a wide variety of, among others, notification systems, work order systems and identity management systems. Those teams shopping for access control marketplace should consider how to integrate their systems.

“What is now happening is that through APIs, these systems are being connected all together to give users a much more cohesive ecosystem,” Maxsenti said.

Successful companies will continue expanding their integration capabilities. Biometric integration will likely occur in the near future. So, whether facing a malicious break-in or a benign door lock, tenants and property managers should consider investing in this trend to stay alert.

Getting Back to Work with COVID-19 Tech

visitor management symptom check

Access control technology is also helping companies meet COVID-19 protocols. Genea engineered several COVID-19 safety features in Safe Workplace. Now, companies have the power to conduct pre-arrival health questions, contact tracing, capacity limits and temperature checks to ensure a safe return to the office.

If Executives want to ensure the safety of their dedicated staff and guests, they should seek access control software with these COVID-19 safety features included.

Admins can now limit office capacity, customize the health questionnaire, designate specific timeframes in which it must be completed and, all with a single click, send it to a visitor and/or employees to fill it out prior to their arrival.

The questionnaire is flexibility and completely customizable for any situation even when COVID is a distant memory. It also allows for the completion of pre-meeting forms such as non-disclosure agreements.

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