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Automated Access Control For The Modern Building

The most modern, open platform for complete building access control.

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Improve Tenant Experience

Allow tenants to self-manage their employees access to the base building, parking garage and other access points. No more waiting days for a manually provisioned card!

Save Time and Money

Empowering tenants to add and remove users saves property teams hundreds of hours per year, reducing the time and cost associated with access control.

Increase Security

No longer wait months to remove your tenant’s former employees. Self-service and automated user controls ensures only the right people have access to your building.

Modern Access Control

First of it’s kind

The first access control management software of its kind to be built on non-proprietary hardware. With Genea, you can manage keyholders, monitor all activity, and even assign mobile keys from any device, anywhere, at any time.

  • Cloud-Based

    Genea Access Control is built on a state-of-the-art platform, with an emphasis on security and scalability.

  • Secure by Design

    All of our data is encrypted at the transport layer as well as data at the rest.

  • Reduce upgrade and implementation costs

    Leverage your existing controllers and readers to protect your capital investment.

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All the Elements of a Modern
Access Control System

Explore the dynamic components that make Genea access control tick.

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Our touchless visitor management system allows visitors to sign themselves in digitally, keeping an electronic record of all visits and letting the host focus on more important tasks.

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Mobile-based access control puts the power in your hands, literally. Use a phone to unlock doors with a tap or a twist gesture and say goodbye to key cards and fobs for good.

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Building Sync enables you to automatically manage access for tenants and customize which data gets synced into your building system.

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Access Control Hardware

Genea access control works on open-source software with non-proprietary controllers and readers; this means no expensive installation costs or long-term software commitments.

Easy to use

Mobile Access As An Amenity

It’s time to say goodbye to access cards and key fobs. Now there’s a better and simpler way to access your office or building with just your phone. Mobile keys allow for mobile credentials in addition to key cards or fobs.

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See why the world’s largest corporate real estate companies trust Genea to automate their operations.