Genea helps security consultants provide cloud-based access control for customers — from parking garage to building to suite. With mobile access control and touchless visitor management, Genea can easily streamline your customers’ workflows and enhance the user experience. Learn how enterprises are unifying their access control and software systems with integrations like video management, elevator controls, identity management and more.

Access Control Concerns for Security Consultants

Physical Security

In a recent survey, 88% of physical security leaders agreed that companies are experiencing a dramatic increase in physical threat activity. The top physical security vulnerabilities include tailgating attacks, theft of documents, unaccounted visitors and stolen identification. 

Security Design

Effective security design deters or delays attacks. With Genea, security consultants can help prospective clients connect otherwise separate security systems. For example, access control can be connected via an API integration with video management, IP cameras and notification management systems.

Doors can also be preprogrammed to open or closed with a single click. This helps IT and security professionals make door plans in anticipation of emergencies.

Genea’s Features for Security Consultants

Protect Employees, Data and Important Business Assets

Genea Security helps IT and security teams restrict employees, contractors and visitors from gaining unauthorized access to areas by assigning them role-based and rule-based access permissions.

Genea also offers a touchless visitor management system that facilitates guests to quickly pre-register on the mobile application, receive a QR access code for contactless entry into the building and safely meet anybody on the building premises. The QR codes help security guards keep track of visitors movement and the resources they use within the facility.   

Manage Remotely

With Genea’s cloud-based access control, security consultants can help enterprises, schools, hospitals and more take care of physical security operations from a remote location. Those in charge of security operations don’t need to be always present at the building to provide access permissions to users and monitor their access activities in real-time. This not only saves time, it also increases the productivity and safety of employees at the workplace.

Customized to Meet Your Unique Needs

No matter how unique your customers’ physical security needs, our customizable solutions can cater to them. We will help your employees use their BLE or NFC-enabled smartphones to open doors, gates and networks.

Detailed and Real-time Audit Trails

Genea Security records activity logs and door access events in real-time. When a security breach happens, your security consultants can use these activity logs to develop incident reports and trace back what exactly happened. Security consultants can use these activity logs to conduct security assessments that help recognize the possible risks and implement appropriate security measures.

Non-proprietary Hardware

Genea Security runs on non-proprietary hardware. It means your customers don’t need to invest money in procuring new hardware. No matter what access control hardware components (locks, gates, turnstiles, alarm systems, and elevators) you already have in place, our cloud-based access control system runs on them hassle-free.

Endless API Integrations

Genea Security can become a part of your physical security infrastructure harmoniously. With endless API integrations in areas such as video surveillance, visitor management, elevator controls, parking management, identity management, critical event management and many more, Genea enables you to build customized physical and information security systems to your liking.

Single Dashboard Oversight

Genea offers a global dashboard from which security personnel can monitor physical security situation across all locations. It enables them to bookmark specific doors or locations and simultaneously view live video feeds without toggling between windows. The dashboard also helps security professionals monitor access activities with peace of mind.

Apple Wallet

In a first-of-its kind integration, Genea iPhone and Apple Watch users can add their mobile employee badge to their Apple Wallet. The integration equips users with NFC technology to quickly access their building or suite.

Security Consultants Choose Genea

Security professionals across industries, including healthcare, retail, hospitality, education and commercial real estate, choose Genea for its streamlined automation of physical access control, endless API integrations, globalized dashboard, mobile access control, touchless visitor management system, custom reporting, and non-proprietary hardware.

Additionally, Genea offers premier customer support. A team of experts at Genea is available 24/7/365 to help you address issues with your access control solutions and streamline the access control experience of all stakeholders of your business.

See for Yourself Why Genea Is the Best Access Control Solution for Security Consultants