Technology is changing the way we work. It's affecting every aspect of your business, making it easier and quicker. And it should affect the way you engage with your office building as well, helping you make the most of your investment in your office space.


Request After Hours HVAC From Your Phone

Our software allows your employees to request after hours HVAC service through an app on their smartphone. This notifies your office manager of the request and even allows your employees to include notes so you keep records of projects or cases being worked on after hours.
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Receive Simple Submeter Bills

Our software will provide you with an easy-to-understand monthly bill for your electricity or water submeters. No more trying to decipher confusing spreadsheets to see if you're being billed correctly. Our software even keeps an audit trail so you can see historical read data for yourself.
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Engage With Your Building's Amenities

Building apps provide a convenient way for your employees to access information about building events and amenities. This ensures that your employees are making the most of your investment and commitment to a modern, inviting workplace.
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