Technology and the way people work are changing the face of commercial real estate. Tenants expect their experience in the office to be as modern as the technology they have in their personal lives. Our software helps you deliver that experience while taking work off of your plate.


Automate Overtime HVAC Requests

Our software allows tenants to request after hours HVAC service through their smartphone at any time. Our software then turns the system on and off, and handles the billing. Your tenants are happier and your team doesn't have to spend hours each month dealing with tenant requests and billing intricacies.
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Provide Clear, Accurate Submeter Bills

Are you using a clipboard and an inherited spreadsheet to generate questionable bills for your building's submeters? Our app will help you collect readings quickly and correctly, while our software handles all of the billing complexities — providing your tenants with an easy-to-understand monthly bill.
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Present a Modern Tenant Experience

Consolidate all of the information and resources tenants need in a building app or website, from amenities to food trucks to emergency protocols. This will streamline tenant communication and present a modern experience for your tenants.
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