The way people work is changing and what tenants expect from their office buildings is changing as well. While the show-stopping amenities are important, how you present the tenant experience is key as well.


Present a Cohesive Tenant Experience

A building app and website presents a modern, branded resource that centralizes everything tenants (or potential tenants) need to know about your building — from amenities to food trucks to emergency protocols. This shows the building's commitment to creating a great tenant experience from day one.
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Showcase Building Amenities

Your building has a lot to offer and a building app ensures that prospective tenants don't miss any of it. The app can showcase time-sensitive amenities like food trucks and behind-the-scenes amenities like an overtime HVAC program, that might get missed in a tour.
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Highlight Available Spaces

A building app or website is a great way to show off potential space. This can let current tenants know what's available and attract new tenants to the building.
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