That is why so many portfolios are partnering with Genea. Our software is in 150 million square feet of office space and we continue to achieve a retention rate of over 99%. In an industry where buildings are constantly changing hands, we consider our 99% building retention to be a strong indicator of the value we bring to every building that uses our software.


Automate Overtime HVAC Requests

Are your buildings still handling after hours HVAC requests manually or through a work order system? If so, they're wasting valuable hours on tedious, manual processes. Our software allows tenants to request after hours HVAC service through their smartphone or computer. Our software then turns the system on and off at the appropriate time, and handles the billing each month. Tenants are happier and the property team can spend time on more important responsibilities.
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Manage Submeter Reading and Billing

Chance are, your property teams are managing building submeters using clipboards and spreadsheets. Our app will help collect readings quickly and correctly, while our software handles the billing process — providing tenants with an easy-to-understand monthly bill. Our software will also monitor your networked meters around the clock.
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Present a Modern Tenant Experience

Our building apps and websites present a cohesive tenant experience by providing everything tenants need to know about the building — from amenities to food trucks to emergency protocols. It also creates a consistent brand for your portfolio while still showcase the unique personality of each building.
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