Technology is changing the way buildings run and it's difficult to know which partner is going to stand the test of time. Our software is in over 150 million square feet of office space and we're working with 75% of the top building owners to tackle the challenges their portfolios are facing.


Automate Overtime HVAC Requests

Is your portfolio handling after hours HVAC requests manually? Our software allows tenants to request after hours HVAC service through their smartphone. Our software then turns the system on and off, and handles the billing. Tenants are happier and your team can focus on more important responsibilities.
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Maintain an Audit Trail for Submeters

If your property teams are still using a clipboard and spreadsheets to manage submeters then your building is at a severe risk of over- or under-billing your tenants for utilities. Our app will help collect readings quickly and correctly, while our software handles the billing process. This provides tenants with an easy-to-understand monthly bill and you with a clear audit trail.
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Attract and Retain Tenants

You're investing a lot of to offer amenities to attract and retain tenants at your buildings. A building app presents a modern, cohesive tenant experience by providing everything tenants need to know — from amenities to leasing information — in a beautiful, intuitive app. This also presents a cohesive brand for your entire portfolio while still allowing each building's uniqueness to shine.
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