There is a lot of new technology on the market today. But adopting that technology often requires a hefty upfront cost. Our software works with all of your existing hardware and can be a pass-through cost to your tenants, making it an easy, low-risk way to take advantage of the latest technology.


Save Energy by Going On Demand

Our overtime HVAC software allows buildings to only run their HVAC systems when tenants are in the building, allowing them to save energy by shutting down on weekends and minor holidays. This can save thousands of dollars in energy and equipment costs.
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Build an Audit Trail for Submeters

Manually reading and billing submeters can be a time-consuming and error-prone process, often leading to months of under- or over-billing tenants for their utilities. Our software provides an audit trail that shows historical readings and our team provides a second set of eyes, so there's no question the billing is correct every time.
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Works with All Your Existing Hardware

Both our Overtime HVAC and Submeter Billing software is designed to work with all of your existing hardware. So no matter what BMS, networked meters, or non-networked meters your building has, we can work with it and deliver the same value.
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