New Genea Product Releases

What You’ll Learn

Take a look behind the curtain of Genea’s most recent tech developments with Vice President of Sales Robert Vail and Product Manager Matija Abicic. In the eleventh webinar installment, Genea shows customers how their feedback gets incorporated into practical and innovative software solutions.

The Webinar in Detail

The webinar began with Vail introducing the Genea product suite and the backstories of Access Control, Submeter Billing, and Overtime HVAC. Although Genea customers have had success with the products, major changes have happened in 2021.

“Why change something that is working?” Abicic said.

The simple answer: it could be better.

Customers had suggestions to make the user experience better. Abicic announced that Overtime HVAC had been rebuilt to, in the future, seamlessly incorporate new features. For example, customers asked if Overtime HVAC could integrate with Access Control. When a user scans through the parking lot gate using Genea’s non-proprietary Access Control solution, the air condition system could be automatically activated. Abicic said this feature is planned for a future release. Customers also hoped for an integration between Overtime HVAC and occupancy tracking software. The addition of this feature would mean heating could be turned off if an office is vacant.

The new HVAC portal was selectively piloted in the first quarter of 2021 and features easier integration with APIs, single sign-on abilities and in-app customer service.

Submeter Billing app updates were discussed next.

“We delivered significant improvements in performance, stability and battery life with the new app,” Abicic said.

QR codes, used in the metering process, are occasionally located in hard-to-reach places. Customers suggested a two-step read process. Genea implemented this feature in its Submeter Billing app, now available for Android and iOS. Future updates will include a dark mode that will ease the user experience and a “skip read” feature.

“A submeter may be broken; it may be inaccessible. We even have anecdotal stories of entire basements flooded when a natural disaster occurs.” Abicic said.

The discussion moved to Genea’s cloud-based Access Control platform with new integrations and features. Elevator Destination Dispatch was released for Otis and Schindler elevators. Visitor Management received a blocklist and watchlist to help tenants keep unwanted activity away. HID Fargo badge printing, global views, emergency plans, and custom onboarding invites are scheduled for release soon.

Stay tuned for Genea’s May webinar “Preparing for the Return to the Office.” Learn how tenants and building teams can safely manage their return during COVID.

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