Sustainability Through Energy Analytics

Sustainability Through Energy Analytics

How well do you actually know your building’s energy usage? Energy Analytics helps building and sustainability teams pinpoint where their systems can be improved.

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Analyze the Data

Genea Energy Analytics provides building data at the suite, building, and portfolio levels. Spot utility leaks and synthesize the data you need most.

Benchmark Your Buildings

Explore your current energy use. Then, create a benchmark and develop a plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Cut Carbon

Track your progress using predictive models, and help tenants cut back on wasteful energy use.

We’re Redefining ESG

Easy Sustainable Growth

Easy Sustainable Growth

Environmental, social, and governance criteria are standards that socially conscious investors use. Don’t let this framework be a deterrent from achieving your goals. Genea can help.

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Why redefine ESG?

Why redefine ESG?

Sustainability is often seen as a hassle. Don’t let it be. With Energy Analytics, building teams gain access to detailed data, trends, and predictive models — helping you meet and exceed environmental standards.

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Hourly Consumption Graphs

Multi-level reporting allows users to visualize their data in one window. Monitor energy trends for one or more meters.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Charts

Set baseline performance measures with KPI Charts. Then, implement targeted strategies to improve building performance.

Get Granular with Greenhouse Gas Reports

Monitor your greenhouse gas emissions and identify ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Private Dashboards for Tenants

Help tenants monitor and reduce their energy usage with private dashboards.

Load Profiles

Load Profiles

View consumption and demand meters, then compare them over a custom time period. This tool helps teams find and act on energy outliers.

Custom Analytics Modules

Custom Analytics Modules

Genea helps you get the data you need by customizing modules to fit your unique situation. Add custom admin tools like heatmaps, virtual meters, and more.

Do You Know Your Local Laws?

CA Title 24

Includes the tracking of kWh and KW for the disaggregation of circuits. The regulation stipulates different load types must be measured.

NYC Local Law 88

Requires that submeters be installed by January 1, 2025, for any tenant who leases more than 10,000 sq. ft., in any building over 50,000 ft.

Seattle Energy Code

Requires that an Energy Data Display System collects the energy-use data for the total building. It must separately collect for each end-use category of spaces over 2500 sq. ft. in any building over 20,000 square feet.

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