Submeter Tenant Billing for Supplemental Equipment

Genea’s AMRB provides a comprehensive solution for property teams to streamline the process of billing tenants for energy costs associated with supplemental equipment. AMRB eliminates the time consuming and error prone process of recording meter values on a clipboard and manually generating tenant invoices on spreadsheets.

For submeters networked to the BAS/EMS, AMRB automatically reads and records submeter values every fifteen minutes and generates tenant invoices. For standalone submeters not networked to the BAS/EMS, AMRB provides an innovative mobile app to enhance and simplify the process of collecting submeter values. After submeter values are uploaded from the mobile app to the AMRB database, high quality tenant invoices are automatically generated. AMRB also provides tenants and property teams with an online portal to view historical invoices (including time stamp images of meter values) and track energy consumption history making the billing transparent and simple.

AMRB Benefits Include:

    • Generates professional invoices for submeter tenant billing
    • Ensures recoupment of energy cost of supplemental meters
    • Detailed audit trail of calculations and meter values enhances transparency of invoices for tenants
    • Complete solution that addresses all your tenant submeters
    • Reduces time wasted by property teams in manually processing invoices
    • Monthly invoices generated as a PDF or a CSV for easy delivery to tenants
    • Provides customized billing information to import into accounting software

 Compatible with Most Submeters Including:

    • Electricity Meters (kWh)
    • Heat Meters (BTU & kWh)
    • Gas & Water Meters
    • Pulse Meters
    • Data Meters


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