Property Managers

Delivering high quality service for commercial office tenants is a 24/7 business as property managers are involved in all aspects of day-to-day operations of the property, including accounting, tenant relations, maintenance and repair, security and service requests. Genea helps property management teams save time by automatically managing tenant-related energy services such as after hours HVAC and lights, and tenant bill backs of energy costs for supplemental equipment.

Benefits of After Hours Control System (ACS Cloud):

  • Easy to use web & mobile applications to process after hours HVAC requests

  • Automated scheduling of after hours services through a direct connection to the building automation system (BAS/EMS)

  • Appropriate costs applied to each after hours HVAC request per the tenant lease

  • With each after hours request an email confirmation is delivered to the tenant, property managers and building engineers immediately for accountability and tracking

  • 24/7 monitoring of each request to ensure that service is fulfilled

  • Tracking of concessions and allowances

  • Accounting integration with commercial office industry software providers including Yardi, MRI and Angus

Benefits of Automated Meter Reading and Billing (AMRB):

  • Ensures recoupment of energy and cost of supplemental meters

  • Provides detailed accounting of submeter costs

  • Complete solutions that addresses all your tenant submeters

  • Mobile application to streamline the collection of metered data

  • Secure access to historical and current submeter readings and invoices for building teams

  • Easy to use QR Codes customized for each individual non-wired submeter

  • Monthly invoices generated as PDF’s for easy delivery to tenants


 Benefits of Building Apps and Web Services:

  • Reduces office calls and emails from tenants by displaying all pertinent building information and forms

  • Builds a better relationship with your tenant by providing 24/7 access to communications

  • Attract desired tenants by accentuating your buildings unique architecture, technology and features

  • Modern and professional communication tool for tenants and prospects to engage and share your building

  • Customer service team completes updates and edits to your website and app, at no extra cost

  • Effective form of brand and building awareness