Building Engineers

Genea’s software empowers building engineers to maximize tenant satisfaction, comfort and manage tenant bill backs of energy costs for supplemental equipment. Additionally, it offers a host of technical benefits, including ease of implementation and integration with existing building automation system (BAS/EMS) technology.

Benefits of After Hours Control System (ACS Cloud):

  • Automates the scheduling of after hours HVAC services

  • Provides automated invoicing for after hours HVAC services

  • Sends email confirmations to tenant, property management team and building engineers

  • Ensures that tenants are provided service 24/7 by monitoring commands being processed

  • Tracks and manages allowances and concessions

  • Customizable to the lease terms of every tenant in a building

  • Compatible with most building automation systems (BAS/EMS), providing a uniform solution across building portfolios

  • Extends the life of HVAC equipment by allowing the building HVAC equipment to be turned off during low occupancy periods (Saturdays and Minor Holidays)

Benefits of Automated Meter Reading and Billing (AMRB):

  • Ensures recoupment of energy and cost of supplemental meters

  • Provides detailed accounting of submeter costs

  • Complete solutions that addresses all your tenant submeters

  • Mobile application to streamline the collection of metered data

  • Secure access to historical and current submeter readings and invoices for building teams

  • Easy to use QR Codes customized for each individual non-wired submeter

  • Monthly invoices generated as PDF’s for easy delivery to tenants