Will Genea Work with My Mechanical Setup?

Will Genea Work with My Mechanical Setup?

One of the most common questions Genea gets from prospective customers is whether or not our Overtime HVAC software is compatible with their building’s mechanical setup. It’s a reasonable question, as every building’s setup is uniqueYour building’s setup might include a central plant, package units, heat pumps, pony chillers, variable air volume (VAV) boxes — oa variety of other pieces of equipment  while a building down the block achieves the same functionality running on an entirely different combination of equipment.  

This is part of what makes implementing technology so challenging in commercial real estate buildings. The specifics of your building’s mechanical system often play a role in determining whether a given technology will work for your property.  Different software may or may not work for your building. 

That’s why we engineered our software to be hardware-agnostic. Our Overtime HVAC (and Submeter Billing) solutions are designed to work with any building’s setup. It operates at the same level of granularity as your building management system (BMS)Our software is currently active in over 1,000 buildings across the country, making it likely that our service is already up and running in a building with a mechanical setup similar to yours. 

Our team is skilled at dealing with issues like minimum load, minimum run time, lock-out-tag-out procedures, manual adjustments, and a host of other challenges that come with different mechanical setups. So whether you have a boiler, heat pumps, pneumatics, or something else entirely, Genea can help your building. 

If you’re interested in digging into the specs of your setup to see if our Overtime HVAC software is a fit for your building, request a technical call. Our team would be happy to walk through it with you. 


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