Will Genea Work with My BMS?

Will Genea Work with My BMS?

One of the biggest challenges to implementing new technology in a commercial building is finding software compatible with your existing technology ecosystem — primarily relating to your building management system (BMS). 

Many BMS manufacturers provide their own solutions for a variety of building operations challenges and aren’t often keen to integrate any additional third-party solutions or services. This can make it feel challenging, if not impossible, to implement technologies from different vendors in your building.  

At Genea, we’re proud of our Overtime HVAC software’s integration flexibility for exactly this reason. We designed our software to work with all of the major BMS manufacturersSiemens, Johnson Controls, Schneider, Alerton, Carrier, Honeywell, Tridium, Trane, Andover, and more. Further, our software not only supports the appropriate protocols to work with nearly any BMS, but can work with most mechanical setups as well.  

We believe that this flexibility (along with our fantastic customer support team!) is why so many portfolios have chosen to adopt our Overtime HVAC software to manage their after hours air fulfillment and billing.

If you’d like to discuss the specifics of your system and see if our Overtime HVAC software will work in your building, request a technical call! Our team will be happy to dig into the details with you.


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